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An icon's life implodes—at two in the morning...

World renowned, revered actor Aaron Julian is awakened at two a.m. by his agent who informs him that he has been accused of sexual harassment. Young actresses will break the story on prime-time TV that morning—with their lawyer, the attorney who led the charge in the priests' sexual abuse cases.

Aaron and his celebrity pop-singer wife, Veda, vehemently deny the charges, and hire powerful defense lawyer Raquel Rematti. But when the plaintiffs' lawyer is murdered in Central Park, the stakes skyrocket and the conspiracies spiral out of control.

Despite revelation after revelation, Aaron continues to proclaim his innocence. And in his defense, Rematti uses every tool in the legal system to produce courtroom drama that is unparalleled.

The outcome—impossible to predict—is guaranteed to stun and to linger with you for a long time.

Accusation Press Release

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"Fiction writer and trial attorney Paul Batista knows how to tap into contemporary issues. In his latest legal thriller, Accusation, his sixth novel and the third in his Raquel Rematti crime series, he takes on the #Me Too movement... Add in some loving lines about the beauties of Central Park and at the very end, a surprising plot twist, and you have a tale that will temporarily distract you from related crime in the real world... Batista's timely novel may prompt a deeper understanding of criteria that go into leveling charges of sexual misconduct and proving a defense."
   —Joan Baum, NPR (Listen here)

"[Accusation] provides a vivid picture of media and legal machinations in action at their sparkling best—and worst. The seeming ease with which evidence and people can be manipulated at the very least makes one ponder: do things like this happen in real life? The fluidity of Batista's story and writing style offer nothing to put such theories to rest... So buckle up and get ready for a ride into the New York justice system in which the characters, their institutions and the venue all add up to fast and fun reading... The book checks off two of the most important boxes for me: a riveting plot that I breezed through in record time, and a jaw-dropping ending that left me shocked but totally satisfied... My only request to the author: write another one in a hurry!"
   —Jim Alkon, Booktrib

"[Batista is] one of the most widely known trial lawyers in the country. So it stands to reason that in his latest cutting-edge thriller novel, His primary character is a powerful defense lawyer who uses every tool in the legal system to produce unparalleled courtroom drama. Fans of John Grisham and Scott Turow will devour..."
   —Madras Tribune

Oceanview Publishing, hardcover, March 2022, ISBN: 9781608094745