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For the fifth time in two years, Bookbub, the most powerful promotional site in the book industry, has selected one of Paul’s novels for a special promotion. Paul’s best selling Manhattan Lockdown will be on special promotion from July 22 through July 28. The novel is a vivid thriller about a deadly sustained terrorist attack on Manhattan and the city’s successful, but costly, defeat of the terrorists. Bookbub makes its rare selections of enduringly popular novels available across the full spectrum of online retailers, including Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and others. Paul’s other novels selected by Bookbub have risen to the USA Today best seller lists and Amazon’s 25 best seller ranks.

Coming December 18th:

The Warriors

The Warriors

Legendary defense attorney Raquel Rematti represents a presidential candidate—and former First Lady of an ISIS-assassinated President—Senator Angelina Baldesteri in the most watched and explosive trial of the 21st Century. The Senator, a Democrat, sees it as a vendetta show trial orchestrated by the current Republican U.S. President, his Republican Attorney General, and an ambitious Republican United States Attorney in Manhattan. At the trial, a year before the election, the Senator faces charges of election fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering; each of which could deem her unfit for office and all but remove her from the Presidential race.

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